Antibody Cloning & Rearrangement Services

Cloning and subcloning of immunoglobulin genes and their domains

from $250 per clone, 1 week, request a quote

Single chain antibody

from $1,250 per construct, 3-4 weeks, request a quote

Chimeric antibody

from $1,500 per heavy/light chain pair, 2-3 weeks, request a quote

Bispecific antibody

from $2,000 per heavy/light chain pair, 3-5 weeks, request a quote

Custom designed antibody

Please inquire


      Assembled constructs can be cloned into a generic PCR cloning vector, a mammalian expression vector or into a vector provided be the Client.

      We deliver ~10μg of a spin-column purified sequence confirmed plasmid DNA, detailed project report, block map of the recombinant plasmid map, annotated sequence of the insert and the corresponding sequencing trace files.