About Us

The company was founded in 2009 based on the technologies developed at The Biodesign Institute of Arizona State University and financial support from the Science Foundation of Arizona. Today Synbuild is a reputable Contract Research Organization equipped with pioneering technologies enabling quick and reliable identification, synthesis, cloning, rearrangement, and modification of pro- and eukaryotic genes.

We specialize in identification, modification, and cloning of immunoglobulin genes. Our unique frame-shift detection technology allows quick and reliable identification of functional and elimination of aberrant transcripts.

We work with all classes of immunoglobulins from all commercial species. High sensitivity of our protocols allows us to work not only with hybridomas and other cultured cells, but also with FACS or otherwise sorted or even single B-cells.

We are committed to fast turnaround, superb quality, and cost-effectiveness of our services. Helping you to move your project forward is our top priority.

Our Technologies

Single cell RT-PCR
Block-based gene assembling
Zero-background cloning system
Aberrant gene transcript elimination
Mono- and bicistronic, transient and stable gene expression